Push Thomas toward political discourse, and he’ll remind you that his artwork is deeply embedded in his life, not just in ideas.

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And yet, the desire to connect with someone persists.

But it pushed me to unlock a completely new side to my career and maybe further than I’ve ever gone as an actor. Not many people who knew me thought I was capable of [my performance] and that was a very satisfying achievement. Whether it happened behind my back or what not, or whether it was just imagined in my head, I don’t know.

When life gives you lemons, put one in the microwave for ten minutes to see what happens. I have that blow up nature too, it's frightening when I find myself in it. It does make things difficult in the relationship area because I can't have a small attraction it has to be huge.

Since independence there has been a shift back to Roman script, as well as a push to eliminate words borrowed from Russian.

See how we keep our water high-quality every step of the way in our Water Quality Report.

The 14C formed is rapidly oxidised to 14CO2 and enters the earth's plant and animal lifeways through photosynthesis and the food chain.

The subdued Dolce & Gabbana dress she wore to accompany the governor to this year’s 9/11 ceremony was perfect.