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-- Adrian Ho Tinker, Drifter, Fixer, Bum [email protected] Archive: I think there's some confusion caused by the error message, because it seems your mail server is blocking mail as requested: $ telnet scherzo.25 Trying If your problem is that mail with an envelope sender address not in badmailfrom is being bounced, then an example of such an address will be helpful in determining why it's being rejected. After rebuilding qmail qregex completely, and removing my local changes so that it was a vanilla patch, the following is still happening.

This web page is intended to act as a quick way to identify a specific spammer or other person or organization involved in the fight against spam. If you can add any information about any particular spammer, please contact me at [email protected] Similar lists are carried at The Spamhaus Project, Spammers Speak, Worldwide Online, Spam Huntress. Program your mailer to reject anything with in the Received: lines.

If you have a lot of patterns and a lot of incoming mail, your CPU spends a lot of time zipping down and up the email addresses.

Another point re the lack of anchoring: there's no tail anchor, either.

I've taken out the rblsmtp entries in my startup script; this is what it looked like prior to doing so...

ADDRESS=".31" CONCURRENCY="75" DAEMON="qmail-smtpd" PORT="25" QMAILUID="19001" QMAILGID="19000" RBLSERVER1="-r blackholes.mail-abuse.org" RBLSERVER2="-r dialups.mail-abuse.org" RBLSERVER3="-r relays.mail-abuse.org" TCPRULESDIR="/etc" TCPRULESFILE="cdb" exec softlimit -m 2000000 \ tcpserver -v -h -r -p -x $TCPRULESDIR/$TCPRULESFILE -c $CONCURRENCY \ -u $QMAILUID -g $QMAILGID \ $ADDRESS $PORT $LOGDIR \ rblsmtpd $RBLSERVER1 $RBLSERVER2 $RBLSERVER3 \ $DAEMON 2 is not in the qregex patch or anywhere in stock qmail-smtpd.

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