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They gave their names with much pride and when it was Harry's turn.."NONONONONO ! ""Mr Radcliffe, this is a one in a life time opportunity .. "Hold on a second please." said a rather strict voice behind the camera,"Okay. He shuffled some papers here and there and mummered ,"We're going to say some lines now. " his assistant passed me some pink papers and I cleared my throat. The room,filled with Muggles or stared at the man with sleek shoulders. Yes, they got to travel the world, and yes, they got these fabulous things, and yes, they have trust funds, and they're taken care of educationally. But developmentally, they have problems with their peers, and they have problems with talking to other people, and they have problems with wants and needs and manners and morals and what's right and what's wrong.Dan said in an interview that although he has no idea what it would really feel like, kissing Bonnie felt somewhat incestuous. no because 1st, bonnie is getting married, second, theyre just friends!I just dont view those relationships the same way i do when watching twilight and those relationships. yeahhh can't wait to see this time a better kiss (L) waaaa!!! She has been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 2.2 years each. Given Name: Bonnie Francesca Wright Age: 26 (2/17/1991)Occupation: Entertainment - Actress Most Famous For: Ginny Weasley of Harry Potter, films "I saw my kids not growing up normally, like I grew up, and having community.

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Ron weasley's.." he handed my a blue script,"Daniel radcliffe auditioning for Ron weasley ! "Smart, bro.." Ginny rolled her eyes,"Bonnie Wright,than." ron frowned ,"No Same surname ? If you please..." the crew member led him to a room behind two large oak doors.. I agree with Dan, ive never looked at the relationships between Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny in a sexual way. where harry is like jacob, hermione is bella, and ron is edward.. They always seemed more of a innocent love type of romance between them. It'll be one of those moments when i cry simply because i'm happy about the cute moment instead of crying because i'm sad that someone died. I keep on reading that it's 36/35 days left and it's making me so much more excited for the movie! i mean i have nothing against h/h shippers but it was about time for them to mention somethin' about the kiss of ginny and harry!!!!!!

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