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We laughed a lot, and were in hysterics much of the time. Since my divorce four years ago, I’ve dated periodically, and I’ve found online dating disastrous.

I don’t do it any more, so this blind date was most welcome, and it would make a wonderful story if it ended in a happily ever after.

I think JP might be more attracted to me than I am to him, but I am excited to see how this develops. Sarastro was great, with a crazy over-the-top interior.

This is by far the best date I’ve been on, maybe because I had no expectations.

This could be the start of something good, and I like to think that our first kiss was hopefully far from our last!

So I would rather stay single than take on someone who’s going to be hard work.

I’m from Italy originally but have lived in the UK since 2005, first for my Ph D and then for work. I married an Englishman at 34, after family pressure to ‘settle down’, but we divorced in 2011.

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