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Paul was simply presenting the typical situation: a married man with a family. If in 1 Corinthians Paul allows for remarriage, there is no reason that pastors could not take a second wife upon the death of a first wife.Polygamy may have been practiced by Jews but was illegal in the Roman Empire, and never practiced in Greco- Roman society. But it is also very possible that Paul erecting a double standard here.Those same standards apply to men in positions of spiritual leadership today.Should, therefore, a man become a pastor or, if already ordained, remain in the ministry after a divorce?

” Clearly, the context is key: pastors are to be “above reproach,” examples of godly men, and models of domestic spirituality. While remaining married to one woman is commendable, it is no indication or guarantee of moral purity.In answering this question, we must consider four facets of Paul’s teaching.First: the biblical rule, or the “letter of the law.” Certainly, both Jesus and Paul allow for a “biblical divorce,” and for the possibility of remarriage, but “only in the Lord” (i.e., to another believer).It seems that Hosea’s prophecy had come home to the American church: “And it shall be like people, like priest” (Hos. Many sincere believers are asking serious questions such as, “Should we hire a divorced man to be our pastor?Should I attend a church that employs a divorced pastor?

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