Dating misconceptions

They mate with one couple for the whole season but will probably mate with another penguin the following year as the urgent need for breeding will make them avoid waiting for the same couple.Mount Everest is deemed the 'tallest' mountain in the world.

A penny only weighs about a gram and it tumbles as it falls.

While many believe bulls are angered by the colour red, it is actually a proven fact that they only see blue and yellow.

They only react to the red cape because of the movements that flutter around, which enrages them As with any exercise after eating, swimming right after a big meal might be uncomfortable, but it won't cause you to drown.

The uniform alignment of the flowers does result from heliotropism in an earlier development stage, the bud stage, before the appearance of flower heads so technically they follow the sun before they have bloomed, not after.

The dehydration of the body after death can cause retraction of the skin around hair and nails, giving the illusion that they have grown.

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