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To survey from high above represents omniscience and power.Our flightless human bodies can’t achieve that status alone.Among designs based on living creatures, the butterfly motif was the most popular by far in medieval Japan.Look closely at these pictures of hand-drawn butterflies.On this day, we took him out of his pen in the city and down a cut road into an open clearing to fly.A little over a year ago, Jenn trapped Sitka from the wild on the outskirts of Thunder Bay, signaling the start of her 15 month journey into falconry apprenticeship.Some kimono markings included a ka-mon over each breast, bringing the display of the family crest to five.

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We harness flight in our dreams, manifest it through extreme sports, and mimic it with modern technology.

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Scenes of honey hunting dating back 6,000 years appear in the Cave of Spiders, near Valencia, Spain.

The family crest in Japan is called means “crest” or “emblem.” Ka-mons date back to the 11th century, when warring families struggled for control of feudal lands.

They were used on banners, flags, weapons, and hanging screens to identify camps and headquarters.

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