Ivory dating

It is still legal to buy and sell antique ivory in the UK, or later ivory items so long as they have the correct COTES certification.Antique ivory is defined as pre-1947, meaning the elephant the ivory came from was killed before 1947 and that any carving or working to the item took place before this date as well.Of course, many people own unwanted items of ivory, so we run regular ivory surrenders to allow people to send in their ivory so that we can either safely destroy it or use it for educational purposes.If you own ivory that you wish to keep, the type of ban we want to see would not stop you keeping that item, nor would it stop you giving it as a gift for example in a will as part of an inheritance.Furthermore, ivory sold as antique is sent to other countries where it feeds a general desire for ivory which increases the market for those selling illegal poached modern ivory.IFAW are not calling for the wholesale destruction of all ivory.

Therefore the UK’s role in the chain is still vital today.But when it comes to stopping the slaughter, and the link between ivory sold in the UK and poaching in Africa, things can get a little more confusing.So here are answers to some frequently asked questions about ivory in the UK and our campaign for a UK ivory trade ban.e Bay will then liaise with the police force prior to removing the item from the site.An ivory surrender allows members of the public to send IFAW any unwanted items of ivory.

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