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But she finds that most parents like to delegate the job.

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"Because of that, I'm speaking to you today." The call really moved Lucy - and you can hear it above."You stressed the importance of getting some help because of the anger."Miss Lucy Beresford, I can tell you now today, the reason I'm speaking to you today is because you took the time to keep me on that phone, to talk to me and to put some rationale in my mind.Communication that is comfortable to me is either short and to the point, or rapid-fire back and forth that is familiar with my male friends. Men are not aware of “women only talk” and women are not aware of “men only talk.” I’m never there when my wife is talking to her women friends alone and she’s never in my men’s group.As a result we each believe that real communication is the type we are familiar with and believe that communication would improve if only our partner would learn to listen and speak the way we do.

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