Raymond lam dating

In early May this year, before Yue Fu’s Hidden Dragon filming began, she took the opportunity to meet her secret "new boyfriend".

On the 10th of May extended holiday, about 6.30pm, she purposely wore low-key looking attire, and wore little makeup, a black cap,black thick-rimmed glasses, a T-shirt and a black backpack like a common civilian, having 0 celebrity style, and would be difficult to point her out as the TV Queen.

In April this year, the present of a branded watch Linda exposed to be from someone of the opposite sex was from this verynew boyfriend.

Recently Raymond Lam was afraid that the Pan Shuang Shuang fiasco might happen again, so he sent an SMS to Linda Chung to warn her.

Upon being chased by reporters looking totake pictures, Linda and her boyfriend immediately turn their heads, avoiding the cameras.

Recently there was a crying scene in [Yes Sir, Sorry Sir] that once again caused the drama to increase rapidly inpopularity points, and Linda Chung, who is seen as this year’s new TV Queen,recently started a new relationship.

They entered Stanley Plaza parking lot, deliberately parking the car at the level with the least cars, thinking that everything was planned and would be carried out without a hitch, then got off together.

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I will stop filming drama temporarily but may do other work instead. ) Not yet as I need to focus on the filming and nourishing my body first. ) No need to but it is harder to spend time together when filming series.It will be the best if we have 1 son and 1 daughter and my friends who are married have been urging us." It is Eva's first time to film TVB series and she admits to feeling nervous as she has not film series for more than 10 years.She describes it as a schoolgirl wearing brand new uniform to a new school on the first day.Making herself look completely different from normal, she took action extremely carefully, and when she left her flat in Tseung Kwan O, and walked to the bus interchange where her "boyfriend" was waiting in a private car in the drop-off point, she was on high alert the whole time, looking left and right from time to time, until she got onto her "boyfriend’s" Audi car and set off, and then she was on even higher alert to check if anyone suspicious around her got into their cars first (reporters). Leaving her flat in Tseung Kwan O, Linda looks around vigilantly, toensure that no reporters got into their cars first before going into herboyfriend’s car. Once she realised that reporters were taking pictures, Linda immediately got into the car again, and called for her boyfriend to escape quickly. In order to prevent her boyfriend from being caught in pictures, Linda helped to lower the shades, thinking that this way, the reporters would not be able to take their pictures.Spectacular Stanley Along the way, Linda kept chatting incessantly with her "boyfriend", until the couple got to the place where many couples favoured going to date.

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