Techcrunch dating app

The operation is based in Brian’s small apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, where basketballs roll around in the living room and old record covers hang on the wall.

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Now the brothers Gerrard are both applying their skills toward Bae.If you met them separately, you would never guess they were brothers.But their oil-and-water partnership helped them create Bae, a dating app for black people.“If you are a black person, you see Tinder as a white app,” says Brian.“Tinder isn’t calling itself the dating app for white people, but that is achieved implicitly because of the negative experience for black people.” (Tinder spokesperson Rosette Pambakian said the dating app is among the most diverse global platforms in the world, and that “everyone is welcome to use Tinder.”) Indeed, dating while black is not easy, especially on platforms largely populated by non-black users.

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