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His next few roles were pretty unimpressive, but in 1984 he starred in Sergio Leone’s , once again reuniting him with De Niro. Looking at Pesci’s filmography one becomes aware of a trend that marks his time working as an actor.Every few years he appears in an impressive project, one that usually features a friend or someone in his network, and that’s followed by quiet, little-seen pictures.I mean, that will just kill you.” Although his reputation as a serious actor was well established by the ‘80s, it wasn’t until , the cop action flick starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, that Pesci really achieved mainstream success.He played the unbearable federal witness Leo Getz, a role he reprised in the 19 sequels (the latter earning him a Razzie nomination).

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Like many of the actors who inhabit Scorsese’s films, Pesci was born around the Italian-American mob scene in Newark, N. The duo went under the name “Vincent and Pesci,” a clear nod to Abbott and Costello, no doubt.

But it also begs the question if he ever wanted to be an actor in the first place.

With an Oscar win and another nomination under his belt, it would be silly to think otherwise.

“We had another actor in mind who was much younger who should have played the younger brother, because that is the way the story actually was with Jake La Motta and his brother Joe," De Niro told the .

"As we went on, we began to see that Joe was so special we figured it would be more important to use him than to go with the script.” The casting choice paid off and Pesci received a Best Supporting Actor nomination for playing the brother and manager of boxing champion Jake La Motta.

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